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Crime stories have been around for a long time, and many of us are constantly wondering: “Why is crime fiction so popular?”

Donna Thompson, the author of Plot Twist, takes advantage of everyone’s love for crime fiction to deliver a fantastic story. Her novel offers twists and turns that grip readers until the last page. Anyone who gets the book will have fun uncovering the mysteries and following the main character as he solves the crime.

Today, we’ll examine why people love crime fiction and what makes it fascinating for readers.

Why Is Crime Fiction So Popular?

Crime fiction, which includes mysteries, thrillers, suspense, whodunnits, etc., accounts for between 25 and 40 percent of the total fiction sales of books in the Western world. What makes the crime category so well-liked?

Crime is indeed exciting since most people don’t do it. However, the widespread acceptance of the genre is related to something other than crime in general. It has a lot more to accomplish with the fundamental principles of how storytelling functions.

The Principle of Narratives

Criminal fiction is the finest genre in terms of structure. The narrative idea is particularly evident in classic crime fiction. Crime is the most visible external issue that serves as an instigating occurrence.

The crime is only a part of the investigator’s life once they are asked to look into it. What this means investigator is that a given task or mission. The plot lays out the investigator’s goal to solve the crime.

Investigators perceive the requirement to follow the initial chain of clues that directly leads to resolving the crime, which is what investigators are paid to do. The primary goal is to catch the criminal, and reaching that conclusion satisfies readers.

The Trail of Cause and Effect

We can’t begin to discuss and answer the question, “Why is crime fiction so popular?” We need to look at the trail of cause and effect that crime fictions showcase. One of the basic principles of storytelling, cause and effect, is best demonstrated in crime fiction.

Donna Thompson uses this aspect to the fullest extent. More so than in other genres, crime fiction draws attention to the requirement that every scene be justified. Every plot point must serve a purpose in the overall narrative. The audience or reader perceives every scenario as a probable cause and effect that happens later.

Even though a plot event ended as a red herring, it was still put there to deceive the reader or spectator. This subversion of expectations is one of the reasons why crime fiction is very popular with people.

Seeking Agency to Explain What Happened

Cause and effect is a law that governs the universe. However, due to the universe’s vastness and complexity, we humans cannot observe it in action. We attempt to assign causes to every event, although this is usually just conjecture.

To put it another way, the individual or thing responsible) we seek agency or the intermediary (the active or efficient cause) of perceived acts. Realistically, we frequently make false assumptions and assume there to be much more particular agency than there is. A straightforward safety mechanism is the cause.

It is better to believe that there’s a specific danger present (a saber-toothed tiger lurking behind the bush) rather than concede that the explanation of an occurrence may be so vague as worthless (the breeze caused the bush to rustle).

Tales are there to teach us to scan for agency. We are accustomed to learning who caused a phenomenon in stories; nowhere is this truer than in crime fiction.

Enjoy Crime Fiction Stories Whenever You Can

Now that we’ve tried to answer the question, “Why is crime fiction so popular?” It’s time for you to find your reasons as to why you like crime fiction so much. The reader’s thoughts will always be essential when discussing love for crime fiction tales.

Donna Thompson offers an excellent book, Plot Twist, which many readers will enjoy. The twists and turns in the narrative will take even those unfamiliar with the crime fiction genre into an enjoyable adventure.

If you wish to read more about crime fiction, try reading one of our blogs and discover the keys to effective detective characters today!

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