Kidnapping is a truly horrendous experience that no one should ever go through. But when Julie Cromwell, an insecure, selfish, and manipulative woman, comes up with a fake kidnapping scheme to see if her husband would be willing to pay one million dollars to have her back, the conspiracy backfires, and she ends up assuming room temperature. However, that’s not where the story stops for Plot Twist by Donna Thompson because it’s only the beginning.

After Julie Cromwell was found dead, Karl Larkin (a seasoned and hardy detective) is called in to investigate the case, along with his partner, Ted Cramer. The duo is a team that can’t let things end without getting to the bottom of what happened. In their pursuit of the truth, they unravel many family secrets and expose the skeletons rotting and hidden in the closets.

But then, as the investigation starts to ramp up, another plot twist ends up happening. It turns out that Larkin has a set of rules, the most important among them being: never muddle your personal affairs with the family affiliated with the investigation and don’t ever fall head over heels with the case’s primary suspect, and he breaks them. With all these curveballs being masterfully thrown at readers, it’s no wonder “Plot Twist” is a great murder mystery novel.

The Power of Plot Twist to Pull Readers In and Keep them Glued

There have been many murder mystery novels to graze the eyes of avid readers worldwide. What makes Plot Twist by Donna Thompson so different is that it can stay true to its namesake, giving readers many unexpected story developments and oddities to keep them guessing without being evident or delivering it rushedly. Every thread audiences unravel from the proverbial ball of yarn that Donna J. Thompson has excellently penned is startling, sensical, and satisfying.

Anyone who picks it up will be pulled in and glued to the book’s world and story. The abundance of unpredictable events, dubious family-kept secrets, and promising leads that turn out to be red herrings or dead ends keep everyone tense and scratching their heads until the very last page. You won’t find a dull moment while reading this fantastic tale of conspiracy and the search for truth.

Brilliant Lines Embedded into Many Dialogues

Conversations or dialogues between characters are among the most entertaining ingredients in novels like “Plot Twist.” It’s normal to expect some quirky quips, badass one-liners, or witty rebuttals from the characters. Dialogue is vital because it lets people see another individual’s viewpoints without pitting themselves against contrasting outlooks. It also gives us a glimpse of the character’s inner thoughts, beliefs, and opinions about certain subjects, making them more relatable.

With that said, a couple of excerpts from the book that stands out are when Karl Larkin and Cassie, the stepdaughter of Julie Cromwell, talk about their professions and when they consider their jobs to be done. The conversation between them was fascinating and showed their disparities and similarities. They have different reasons for doing what they do, but they have the same goal: to provide only the best results for their clients.

Other Books from Author Donna J. Thompson

If you can’t get enough of Donna J. Thompson’s writing, you should pick up her other book, “Lost Causes Silent Scream.” The novel differs from her previous one because she focuses mainly on keeping her readers on their toes, giving this work a mystery and suspense vibe. Detective Karl Larkin makes a comeback in this tale and is investigating another case just as complex as the one in Plot Twist by Donna Thompson.

There is also a new character being introduced here. Casey West, a psychologist, asks for Larkin’s help to investigate the various suspicious activities in the hospital that employed her. You can expect the trademark curveballs and twists that Donna J. Thompson is known for and have another great time reading.

Final Thoughts About the Novel

Everyone who considers themselves avid fans of mystery murder novels should give “Plot Twist” a read. Donna J. Thompson’s gift for telling a story and implementing some compelling twists is something every reader should experience. She’s the kind of writer who throws the correct type of wrench into the gears of her tales, picking the right time to do so, disrupting them in the best possible way, and with satisfying outcomes.

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