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Reading some great books with shocking plot twists is always fun, but finding one might prove challenging.

There’s nothing better than flipping the pages of an exciting new book filled with shocking twists. Lost Causes by Donna Thompson is a single example of this type of book. Her book, Plot Twist, has even more twists and turns to keep readers on edge.

With that in mind, we hope you’ll have fun as you check the list of outstanding books we’ve prepared here. Now, without further ado, we introduce some written works with plot twists that will blow you away!

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

With his first psychological thriller, Alex Michaelides launched himself into the literary stratosphere. His book led to some blockbuster story rich in suspense and shocking revelations. Theo Faber, a criminal psychotherapist attempting to solve a horrific family mystery, is the book’s main character.

World-famous artist Alicia Berenson lives the life most of us only dream about. So why did she brutally kill her spouse, a photographer? Faber is driven to learn.

But it won’t be simple for him because Alicia became silent after shooting her husband in the face. This startling tale virtually jumps off the page despite the patient’s silence.

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

If you haven’t done it already, the most excellent place to start reading Gillian Flynn is her debut novel, Sharp Objects. The story features Camille Preaker, a journalist entrusted with investigating the gruesome murder of two young children in a small town in Missouri.

The problem? The killings happened in Camille’s hometown. As she looks for the truth, Camille must now see her problematic family, including a neurotic mother and an enigmatic half-sister.

Soon after, Camille starts to empathize with the victims, which forces her to face heartbreaking secrets from her horrific past.

Lost Causes by Donna Thompson

Donna J. Thompson is a master at weaving stories with shocking reveals, apparent in her book Plot Twist. But we’ll be focusing on her other book titled Lost Causes. Don’t worry; Lost Causes is as thrilling as Plot Twist, and readers will undoubtedly like it.

The story revolves around Detective Karl Larkin rejecting the strange tale Casey West is telling him. Casey West is an attractive psychologist and has been noticing some weird things about the mental hospital where she works. Previously, Detective Karl Larkin was employed in Springfield for twenty years.

However, no complaints have ever been made about Lakeview during his time. But eventually, Detective Larkin starts to believe Casey’s narrative isn’t so unbelievable. After Casey’s buddy, a nurse called Trudy Madison is brutally slain, the management’s version conflicts with the evidence. This leads Detective Larkin to believe that something is happening behind the scenes.

Jerry Connors, the owner of Lakeview, uses his clout and connections to block the detective’s probe. Then Casey asks Larkin to let her be his ears and eyes inside the facility. Will she be able to assist him in solving the crime, or will she perish much like her friend?

Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

Jessica Knoll’s Luckiest Girl Alive is one of the great books with shocking plot twists that everyone should read. And it would be best to start reading the book before it’s adapted into a film. The best-selling thriller will be adapted into a Mila Kunis-starring Netflix movie.

Ani had a public disgrace as a teen while attending the esteemed Bradley School. Although the experience was terrible, it also gave Ani a chance to start over. Years later, she appears to have a perfect life — a brilliant career, fabulous clothes, and a charming fiancé. But Ani’s history is filled with tragic secrets.

Will they ruin the life she has fought so hard to create?

The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse

When The Sanatorium was published in 2021, the book became an instant bestseller. With an isolated winter backdrop and a plot full of unexpected turns, author Sarah Pearse spins a complex web of fear. The narrative centers on investigator Elin Warner, who is taking some time off to celebrate the engagement of her brother Isaac and his fiancée, Laure.

The partygoers disperse to Le Sommet, a remote resort in the Swiss Alps. But things take a tragic turn when Laure vanishes during a horrific winter storm. Did we also mention that the five-star Le Sommet was formerly a sanitarium that had closed down?

Plot twists are compelling storytelling tools that readers and writers love. With this list, we hope you’ll have the chance to read some great books with shocking plot twists.

Remember to check out Lost Causes by Donna Thompson and get yourself a copy of the book whenever possible!

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