Plot Twist is a who-dun-it to the very end, a real mystery that will have readers guessing who the killer is until the very end.

Lost Cause

Plot Twist

Julie Cromwell is a selfish, manipulative, insecure woman, and those are her best qualities. She sets up a fake kidnapping to see if her husband will pay a million dollars for her safe return. Something goes wrong and she winds up dead. This is the first plot twist, but certainly not the last. Enter lead detective Karl Larkin and his partner, Ted Cramer. They are a team who refuses to let sleeping dogs lie. They begin rattling the skeletons in the family’s closets. Larkin finds himself breaking one of his number one rules. You don’t get involved with the family you are investigating, and you never, never fall in love with your prime suspect.

Lost Cause


When Psychologist Casey West went to Detective Karl Larkin, with a wild story about the mental hospital where she worked he quickly dismissed it. He had worked in Springfield for twenty years and Lakeview had never had a complaint lodged against it. Things changed when a nurse was murdered there and the evidence did not match the management story. Jerry Conners, who ran Lakeview, had friends in high places who stopped the investigation. It was then that Casey begged to be Larkin’s eyes and ears inside the place. Would she help him crack the case or would she wind up dead like her friend?


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Donna J. Thompson

Donna Thompson is a reader-turned-writer. She believes that every person she meets has a story. Donna observes people and is always looking for germs of another novel. She believes ideas come from everywhere if you have an active imagination.


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